Life After Retirement

Our Mission - The mission of the Shepherd’s Center of Topeka is
assist and serve seniors. We are committed to helping seniors remain active by offering educational, social, physical, and spiritual programs. We provide services that are proven to improve the quality of life of senior adults. Participating in classes, activities, and events is essential to building relationships and thriving.  We are an organization operated by members who volunteer their time and talent under
a director and board's guidance.

Living Life Large!

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Volunteering is the Backbone of the Shepherd's Center.

Volunteering helps others, but can be a greater benefit for you, the volunteer.  The benefits of volunteering are life enrichment, expanded learning, health benefits, personal growth, it fosters friendships, and it helps your Community. 

Task Force

The Task Force Manages and sets up "Adventures in Learning".
Spencer Smith (Audio Visual)
Charlie Bates and Roland Swanson (Facility Management)
Karen Swanson (Hospitality)
Ottie Reed (Speaker Facilitator)
Peggy Kaspar and Judi Schultz (Hospitality),
Donna Clark and Mary Adkins (Registration),
Phyllis Herzog and Peggy McAdoo (Membership)

Activity Groups

Activity Groups meet throughout the month and are directed by Coordinators.
Ellen Horn, MAP
Cyndi Ryan and Dave Matthias, Betsy Thompson, Pickleball
Roma Sessin, Joan Arterburn, Bridge
Caroline Huff, Sharon Young, Canasta
Glenna Meek, Line Dancing
Pat Kirkman, Spiritual Book Club
Shirley Edgerton, SMS Exercise
Madon Daily, Tai Chi
Sally Kahle, Family History Writing

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee arrange speakers for Adventures in Learning. Carl Nuzman, Elaine Shutt,  Linda Sobba, Peggy McAdoo, Susan Miller 

Travelers Club

The Travelers Club Committee plans day trips and summer vacation.
Rich McReynolds, Dolan Gassert, Nancy Burklund, Ottie Reed


Membership tracks new members and oversees the Directory.
Phyllis Herzog and Peggy McAdoo


Counters track registration and funds for events or activities.
Ross and Anita Miller, Janice Brown, Mike Stanfill (Treasurer), Kay Foster (Bookkeeper)


The Social Committee organizes and oversees our socials.
Mike and Linda Stanfill


Shepherd's Center of Topeka is an organization operated by members who volunteer their time and talent and whose efforts are coordinated by the Director. 

You might ask, how much time commitment is there? It just depends on how much time you want to give. Use your talents to help bring programs to our community of aging adults. And, when you volunteer, you are eligible for the annual volunteer banquet.

Please contact us if you want to get involved, and we will help you get connected. We would love to have you join our team of volunteers. 

Karen Willard


Board of Directors 2020-2021

Dr. Kathy Harr


Nancy Burklund


Mike Stanfill


Betsy Thompson


Ottie Reed


Dan Pauls


Pat Kirkman