Life After Retirement

Our Mission - The mission of the Shepherd’s Center of Topeka is
assist and serve seniors. We are committed to helping seniors remain active by offering educational, social, physical, and spiritual programs. We provide services that are proven to improve the quality of life of senior adults. Participating in classes, activities, and events is essential to building relationships and thriving.  We are an organization operated by members who volunteer their time and talent under
a director and board's guidance.

Living Life Large!

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Shepherd's Center of Topeka is an organization operated by members who volunteer their time and talent and whose efforts are coordinated by the Director. 

You might ask, how much time commitment is there? It just depends on how much time you want to give. Use your talents to help bring programs to our community of aging adults. And, when you volunteer, you are eligible for the annual volunteer banquet.

Please contact us if you want to get involved, and we will help you get connected. We would love to have you join our team of volunteers. 

Karen Willard, Director

Karen is excited to join Shepherd's Center of Topeka as their director on January 1, 2020. She has over 40 years of business experience working in the private sector and volunteering for several organizations over the past 30 years, including the Topeka Rescue Mission.  When asked to sum up what she has learned on her journey, Karen responds, “Trust God, never quit learning, keep moving, build relationships, and never give up hope" this is exactly what we believe at Shepherd's Center.

Shepherd's Center of Topeka Board of Directors and Volunteer Staff

Board of Directors 2021
Mike Stanfill - Chairman
Kathy Harr - Vice Chair
Ottie Reed - Secretary
Carl Nuzman - Treasurer
Rich McReynolds - Trustee
Nancy Burkland - Trustee
Betsy Thompson - Trustee