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"Adventures in Learning" is our cornerstone program because we never stop learning. 

SCT offers 2 - 4 classes on four Friday mornings in February, April, August, and October.  Participants may choose to attend two classes, and sign up for refreshments during our break between classes at 9:50.  Refreshments are provided compliments of one of our Community Partners.

"Adventures in Learning" is a time for learning, socializing, and catching up on what's happening at SCT.  You will have an opportunity to meet other members as well as learn more about our community partners. 

Quick Glance - Scheduled Speakers

Learning, Fellowship, and Food
It doesn't get much better than this!

October 8 AiL 

9:00-9:50 am
A. News and Views
B. Monroe: Examining the Past
C. Monroe: Examining the Past
via Zoom

10:00 Break - Interim Healthcare
10:40-11:30 am
D. Expressive Therapy
E. Running Away and Finding Home
F. Running Away and Finding Home - Judge Tommy Webb via Zoom

October 22 AiL

9:00-9:50 am
A. There's No Place Like Home
B. Taking Treasured Pictures
C. Taking Treasured Pictures via Zoom
10:00 Break - Caregivers

D. Join Your Reading Community
E. Dr. J.R. Brinkley, Infamous Goat Gland Surgeon
F. Dr. J.R. Brinkley, Infamous Goat Gland Surgeon via Zoom

October 15 AiL

9:00-9:50 am
A. 24 for Life - Donna Doel
B. The Gun and the Gospel
C. The Gun and the Gospel via Zoom
10:00 Break - Community Partner
10:40-11:30 am

D. Medicare and Medicaid, Jayhawk
E. Water and Climate Update,
Carl Nuzman
F. Water and Climate Update via Zoom

October 29 AiL

9:00-9:50 am
A. Older Adult Medication Safety
B. What Seniors Need to Know - LULAC
C. What Seniors Need to Know - LULAC via Zoom
10:00 Break - Atria Hearthstone

D. Writing Your Story
E. Coping Tips for Caregivers
F. Coping Tips for Caregivers via Zoom

"Adventures in Learning" Presentation Categories 

News and Views
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"Adventures in Learning"  Sample Presentation Topics

Regenerative Medicine
Washburn Artists
Overcoming Abuse
Kansas Climate & Health
John Brown's Trial
The Primaries
Shawnee County Recycling
William Allen White