Welcome to Adventures in Learning!

These could be the best years of your life: a time to learn new things; to experience new places; to meet new people.  Our program is designed especially for YOU, an adult 55 or older, to meet YOUR mental, physical, spiritual and social needs. Each of us is as unique as the branches on a tree, so we provide a variety of programs to appeal to a variety of interests. 

Shepherd's Center of Topeka (SCT), a/k/a "Adventures in Learning," a nonprofit community ministry, is sponsored by 27 congregations and 22 community partners.  Each sponsor is committed to our mission of promoting community, supporting independence and educating for life. They donate time, space, money, or food -- and all promote SCT in the community.  We are considered an extension of each sponsoring church's "fellowship ministry" and an extension of "services provided for seniors" by our sponsoring community partners. Together we're able to provide fantastic programs for YOU!

SCT is hosted at 4101 SW 15th Street, Topeka, Kansas, 66604. Additional information available by using the site navigation in the left-hand menu bar. Still have questions? Contact the Director, Debra Stufflebean, at 785-249-3258 or by email: shepherdstopeka@yahoo.com.



     Must be 55+ to participate in SCT activities. 

     Membership is $30 per year, paid either as a $30 tax deductible donation OR by enrollment in at least one Adventures in Learning! (which costs $30 per quarterly session).  

      As a community ministry we do not REQUIRE membership to participate in small group activities, with the exception of SCT Travelers (fieldtrips and annual vacation). 

Your donations allow us to provide scholarships for Adventures n Learning when needed.

Our hope is that you will feel that the programs we offer to seniors in our community is worth supporting SCT with annual membership.


Adventure's in Learning 

Winter Session will be February 5, 12, 19, 26.    

Computer Problems? 

SCT recommends Spencer Smith, 633-8321, who volunteers as the head AV-Tech for Shepherd's Center.