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Shepherd's Center Topeka

A volunteer seniors organization that enhances physical well-being, spiritual growth, and education for life.

Group Activities . . . . . . . Click Here for ACTIVITY CALENDAR . . . . . . Click on Group Name for a Snapshot in Time of those attending

 Hand & Foot Canasta Group

Hand & Foot meets on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays from 2-4:00 at  St. David’s Episcopal, 17th & Gage. Park on the WEST side of Church and walk hallway to the EAST end to fellowship hall. Group coordinator is Caroline Huff. Sub/Assistant is Sharon Young. This is a fun & easy game to learn for tables of 4-6; rules can be modified for odd numbers at a table.
  Pickleball Group for Doubles          
Pickleball plays on Mondays and Wednesdays of each week. Mondays we play at
Countryside UMC, 32nd & Burlingame, from 3-5:00. Park on the NORTH side and use the furthest WEST door. Follow the hallway to gym. On Wednesdays we play at First Baptist, 30th & MacVicar, from 1-3:00. Park on the WEST side. Gym is right inside the doors. This is the best location for first time players since there are four courts and
one can be set aside for beginners needing lessons. Extra paddles available for newbies. Requires a signed liability waiver. Group Coordinator is Debbie Basom; Assistant is Betty Seachord.

    Bridge Group (Party Bridge - American Standard)
Bridge group meets on the 1st & 3rd Thursdays from 1-3:30 at Our Savior’s Lutheran,
29th & Jewell. Park on the EAST side and use double doors. This group consists of skilled AND learning players. Must at least know bridge basics, but it is ok to ask the dummy from another table for help bidding. Players should arrive a few minutes early to draw for table position. Arrangements must be made by Tuesday at 5:00 with the Group Coordinator Fern Buchmeier [215-1789, leave voice message]. Joan Arterburn is sub/assistant. 

      Line Dancing Group                      
This group meets on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays from 2-4:00 at First United Methodist,
6th & Topeka. Park on the WEST side and use the WEST door. Immediately inside, turn left and walk the ramp to the library, then left to the elevator. Push [B] to go to the fellowship hall. Group Coordinator & Instructor is Glenna Meek. Sub/Assistant is Kathy Ogle.


   Mahjongg Group (American Rules)
In this Chinese game you draw for tiles you hope to be able to use in achieving an outcome chosen on a Mahjongg card ($9 annually), and based upon the initial tiles drawn. The outcomes are similar to rummy hands, winner says “Mahjongg!” Interested players may find the following youtube videos helpful:                                              <Mahjong for Beginners 1 & 2 >                                        Group Coordinator is Dianna Massie; Sub/Assistant is Nancy Perih. Group meets on the 2nd & 4th Mondays from 1-3:00, lower level of Arbor Court on 15th Street. Parking available in the Lowman UMC parking lot at 15th & Gage.


   Spiritual Book "Club" Group                     
The Spiritual Book Group meets on the first Mondays in the library at First Congregational, 17th & Collins, from 2-4:00. Members select a book of study based upon how well it lends itself to spiritual growth and discussion. Each is committed to doing the assigned readings, and each person interacts respectfully of the opinions of others. Group Coordinator is Pat Kirkman; Leader is Chaplain/Rev. Kate Huddelson.


    Travelers Group
This group is coordinated by a committee led by Sharri Shehi. They plan a minimum of 4 outings per year. SCT Membership is REQUIRED. Members of the group varies depending upon the event, and who registers to participate. Space may be limited and Fees may be charged.

      SMS Exercise Group

This group meets at 10:00 on Tuesdays at Countryside UMC, 32nd & Burlingame (park on NORTH side, use middle door, turn left to go downstairs) and 10:00 on Thursdays at Grace UMC, 26th & Western (middle door). The one hour class includes a little yoga, a little Tai Chi, a little pilates to provide Strength, Mobility and Stability as we age. Liability waiver required.  Instructor is Shirley Edgerton. Voluntary donations support a local charity. Ann Look is group coordinator.