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Shepherd's Center Topeka

A volunteer seniors organization that enhances physical well-being, spiritual growth, and education for life.

Adventures in learning!

Shepherd's Center offers four "Adventures in Learning!" sessions per year in February, April, August and October from  9-11:30 pm on the Fridays that month.  Classes are 50 minutes long with the first beginning at 9:00. Participants may choose from four different classes being offered in each time slot.  At 9:50 refreshments are provided compliments of our community partners where you'll have an opportunity to interact with other members, community partners, and join with the Director in recognizing birthdays and anniversaries.  At 10:40, the second class begins. The cost is $30.00 per quarterly session (pays for all four Fridays).  So, for $30, a person chooses eight educational classes, along with fellowship time and refreshments. Now that's a BARGAIN! With annual membership in SCT, members pay only $25!

Class choices are offered in health, religion, news & current events, people & places, community, the arts, library wisdom, and potpourri (classes that may not fit one of the regular categories) or a "back by popular demand" speaker.  Our speakers include college professors, physicians, clergy, business professionals, authors, artists, lawyers, and other devoted individuals who graciously give of their time and talent in support of the Shepherd's Center mission.  If you would like to be considered as a speaker for a class program, please send information with your proposal to SCT, 4101 SW 15th ST, Topeka, 66604. 

It's a God thing . . . because we know that changes can happen in our members' lives, scholarships are available for those with a financial need. Please visit with the SCT Director. Inevitably this gift to one member is compensated for by an extra donation from another member.

It takes a lot of volunteers to carry out an Adventures in Learning! session since an average Friday has 300 in attendance. Recognition is given to volunteers at an annual banquet and volunteers are given first preference for going on an annual out-of-state vacation each June. Member profiles assist in matching the right volunteer with the right tasks.


Please email the Director, if you have difficulty using our new online registration platform. We have tried to make this as simple as possible, but only your feedback will let us know if that is not the case.


Online Registration

You may use the above online box to add your name to the list of registrations. You do need to click on "Buy Now" but there is no charge - HOWEVER, you must fill out the printed registration form (also available to the right on this page) or inside your newsletters to complete the process, and mail it to the SCT office.

Please note that registration for the Volunteer Banquet must be done by NOV 6 and is a VOLUNTEER BENEFIT for those who volunteered this year; the membership directory is a MEMBERS ONLY benefit and is free with paid dues for 2018; reservations for the annual vacation is based upon the date your reservation is received (same day when done online) but those who volunteer the most get precedence as this is a VOLUNTEER BENEFIT.

First time guests

Try before you buy! Guests are invited to participate on a Friday morning of their choosing without being a member of Shepherd's Center. Select classes and refreshments for ONE Friday and select guest check-out online; or call the office, 249-3258, and provide your name, date attending and class choices.

If a guest wishes to continue to come to other Fridays that session, they must become a member and pay the $30 annual dues. The current session, regardless of the number of remaining Fridays, will be considered their free session that comes with annual membership. There is no pro-rating of the price of Adventures in Learning - $30 whether attending one Friday or four.  

Descriptions of classes & field trips are in the most recent newsletter click on the "News" tab at top  of the page.


USING THE ONLINE FORM                                       PayPal was one of the first E-commerce companies established to provide a secure way to purchase online. Their signature padlock, has become the icon to look for on any website browser before making a purchase as it indicates that personal information is protected.You will see the padlock regularly in the processing of your registrations. Online registrations can be paid by debit card, credit card or PayPal. You will receive a receipt by email that details what you paid, including which classes were chosen.

Spouses can take turns registering by going to check-out and then select "Continue Shopping," so the other spouse can add their registration form. Likewise, use "Continue Shopping," to enroll in field trips, or make a donation before final tabulation.

MEMBERSHIP: Annual dues are $30 which provides a $5 per session deduction on Adventures in Learning and inclusion in the free membership directory ($5 value). Only MEMBERS can enroll in Travelers field trips.

A shopping bag icon will appear on your screen when you hit the "Buy Now" buttons. Quantity may be adjusted when checking out. To check out, open the bag. If you do not complete check-out,  it is recommended that you clear the contents of your shopping bag.